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François Hollande rewards Dubai Immo

Guillaume Giroux on January 27, 2023

On the occasion of the Menaa Awards 2023, François Hollande, former President of the French Republic, rewarded the Dubai Immo agency. A great emotion for the whole team of Dubai Immo,  the number onereal estate agency in Dubai.

The Menaa Awards 2023 ceremony

This prestigious ceremony rewards every year the companies that have marked the previous year with their mark. During the evening, about twenty companies from the Middle East and Africa were honored. Dubai Immo was the only company headed by a Frenchman, Guillaume Giroux, to be honored.

Brand Of Impact 2023 Award for Dubai Immo

This award recognizes companies that have made an impact locally and internationally. In the case of Dubai, the jury praised the triple impact of the Dubai Immo agency. The first of these impacts is theencouragement of investment in the United Arab Emirates, and having succeeded in attracting hundreds of millions of dirhams of investment to Dubai by 2022. Dubai Immo has also impacted the lives of its clients, helping hundreds of families to relocate to the UAE. The third and final impact is on the lives of the agency's employees themselves, as the company has recruited extensively in 2022, going from 5 agents in 2021 to nearly 20 employees by the end of 2022.

François Hollande, a very nice meeting for the teams of Dubai Immo

During the ceremony, Guillaume Giroux (Founder) and David Abergel (Senior Real Estate Agent) had the pleasure to exchange a few minutes with François Hollande. The latter had very good words regarding the company, and did not fail to encourage them to continue their development efforts. In his speech at the opening of the ceremony, President Hollande had insisted on the opportunity that would present itself in the coming years for Dubai, in a context of relocation of many activities and the very strong revival of interest for Dubai, which has a very nice card to play in the years to come.

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